Designed to help you weather the elements, the Slide, Pivot and Pivot XL offer a range of configurations that let in the sun, provide shelter and shade and look beautiful doing it all. Struxure luxury systems are manufactured entirely in the U.S. by American workers who take great pride in what they do. Each Struxure system is built to your exact specifications and designed to meet Florida’s stringent hurricane codes, as well as withstand heavy snow loads in winter. They can be adjusted from 0 degrees to almost 180, allowing you more control over your outdoor space. LT Home Improvement and Remodeling Inc. in Lowell, AR is your local dealer for Struxure Louvered Roofs. Call us today for more information on the capabilities of Struxure Louvered Roofs and how we can help get yours installed!


Benefits of Struxure Louvered Roofs


  • Easily adjustable for complete control of your outdoor space.
  • Extremely durable against weather conditions, built to last.
  • Highly customizable to fit your needs
  • Self-sustaining with solar panel - no electrical costs.